If you’re a seller and have had your home on the market for a while without any promising showings that may be an indication that some changes need to be made with how your home is being marketed. It is especially important to make sure your home stands out among the other inventory on the market. Seriously ask yourself why a buyer would choose your home over all the other homes for sale.

First, check out who you are competing with. If a large portion of homes in your market aren’t selling, you need to look up the homes that are pending sales and see how your home compares. You need to know what is happening in the market right now and pending sale data will be your best indicator.

Second, make sure you have a good number of quality photographs of your home out on the market. Homes that are listed with only one photo will be passed by, but homes with dozens of good photographs get noticed. Also, keep your photos fairly simple. For example, if you have similar bedrooms in your home, focus on showcasing your master bedroom. Of all of the rooms in the house, make sure you have several photos of the kitchen, which is generally the most viewed area of the home.

Third, ensure that your home is being marketed through several different methods. When your marketing material does catch the attention of potential buyers and they come to see your home, get some feedback about what they liked and disliked about your home. Make adjustments to overcome any disliked features of your home.

Fourth, if you do hire an agent, make sure it’s somebody who is competent, experienced and honest. The easiest way to find an agent is through referrals from family and friends. When interviewing agents, first find out about his or her marketing plan before discussing home pricing and commission.

Fifth, and finally, price your home right. To avoid overpricing your home, look at comparable sales in your market. You will need to make adjustments for square footage and location.