This morning I came across a great article from the Times that discussed the importance of home staging. The article, To Sell an Apartment, No Detail is Too Small, attempted to put a dollar value on simple staging and repairs with examples from NYC agents and their listings. Obviously the housing market in Anchorage is going to be quite different than in NYC, but there was one important point the writer made that I use as a main marketing piece for my business frequently…buyers aren’t buying a home, they are buying a LIFESTYLE:

An expensive shoe closet: worth every dollar. Michele Kleier of Gumley Haft Kleier has found that when buyers walk into a closet filled with Christian Louboutins, they are likely to pay more of a premium that what the seller spent on her show collection. She advises sellers, “You can buy 25 pairs of designer shoes, put them in your closet, and they’re going to get more than you spent on them.” That’s because, Ms. Kleier said, “people want to step into your life.”

As a seller, it is important to keep in mind that small details can either turn a buyer away or draw a buyer in. It really is amazing how attention to detail can determine whether a home will sit or sell. I encourage you to check out the article (by clicking on the hyperlink above)!